Finnish Family Business

Industry Forerunner

Who would have thought that an employee benefit Exercise Voucher would become such a great success?  Smartum Oy founders Jorma Hyökyvaara and Jarmo Hyökyvaara tirelessly believed in their idea. They realized that the employee’s ability to work and employee wellness will become a competitive factor sought by both small and large companies. The implementation of the idea demanded a strong will, and sharp awareness.

We are a Finnish Family Business

Smartum Oy is a Finnish Family Business started in 1995. We are the forerunners in our industry; we invented and developed the first Exercise Voucher (1996) and Culture Voucher (2005) and brought the first employee exercise and culture benefit payment card to the market (2009). Smartum Lunch Voucher was launched in 2014.

Our product family grew in 2015 with Smartum Työmatkasaldo for employer supported commute balance and Hyvinvoinnin Kannusteet, which provides various health and wellness services the employer can offer to employees  through campaigns in cooperation between Smartum and other Finnish companies; for example Smartum Smoothie and SmartFit online fitness coaching.

Smartum Service Voucher (2010) was the first electronic solution to arrange Service Voucher operations in municipal social and healthcare services.

Our goal is to advance Finnish Wellness

Smartum’s main goal has always been to participate in improving and advancing wellness in our society. We want to create wellness advancing targeted means of payments into a scenario in which all parties win.  Being a Finnish company and being a family enterprise are very important to us and we believe that our partners will appreciate these traits as well.  Smartum tenaciously and openly continues its research- and development journey to advance Finnish well-being.